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17 Mar 2017

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16 Nov 2016

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GroPep and Biosensis release new LR³IGF-I Rapid™ ELISA kit

23 Sep 2015

Human LR³ insulin-like Growth Factor-I (LR³IGF-I) was developed by GroPep Bioreagents specifically for supplementation of mammalian cell culture to support the survival and proliferation of cells. This LR³IGF-I Rapid™ ELISA kit combines GroPep’s expertise in the field of IGF research and Biosensis’ newly established Rapid™ ELISA platform which provides for the sensitive, specific and reliable quantification of LR³IGF-I in less than 3 hours. The ELISA kit consists of a complete set of reagents and pre-coated plate to allow immediate assay of LR³IGF-I in culture media. This LR³IGF-I Rapid™ ELISA kit has been developed, optimized and validated to quantify LR³IGF-I in cell culture medium. It is likely to be used to measure LR³IGF-I in media and during downstream processing of media following a production cycle and is not intended for other use. This kit has been configured for research use only and is not to be used in diagnostic or clinical procedures.