Human L-TGF-α (Media Grade)

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Human L-TGF-alpha is a low-cost analogue of human transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-α) developed by GroPep specifically for supplementation of mammalian cell culture to support the survival and proliferation of cells in serum-free or low serum culture. It can be used as a like-for-like replacement for native TGF-αor recombinant human TGF-α. It comprises the human TGF-αamino acid sequence plus a 14 amino acid N-terminal extension peptide.

L-TGF-α has applications in fibroblast and epithelial cell culture and has a higher affinity for avian Erb-1 receptors than native EGF, thus is a highly effective growth factor for vaccine production in avian cells. L-TGF-α has shown synergistic effects with L-EGF in keratinocyte growth and synergistic effects with LR3 IGF-I have been observed in various other cell lines.

Media grade L-TGF-α is a high quality product for use in commercial cell culture.


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