Human Pro IGF-II E (138 - 156) antiserum (Rabbit)

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Human ProIGF-II E (138-156) antiserum was prepared by immunising rabbits with a 19 amino acid peptide derived from C terminus of the E domain of human IGF-II E linked to diphtheria toxoid. As a consequence, the antiserum recognises full length IGF-II E derived from alternative splicing of the human igf-2 gene before proteolytic cleavage occurs. It does not recognise mature IGF-II or IGF-I. Sequence analysis suggests it is likely to recognise IGF-II E proteins in non-human primates but not other species.


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Human ProIGF-II E (138 - 156) antiserum (Rabbit) specifications

Human ProIGF-II E (138 - 156) antiserum (Rabbit) SDS

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