Rat IGFBP-4 antiserum (Rabbit)

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This rat IGFBP-4 antiserum was prepared by immunising rabbits with rat IGFBP-4. The antiserum recognises rat and mouse IGFBP-4 but not human, porcine or equine IGFBP-4. The antiserum did not detect other rat IGF binding proteins by Western ligand blotting. It exhibits very weak binding to human IGFBP-1 and -3. The antiserum has been used to develop immunoassays to detect rat IGFBP-4 in serum and wound fluid with a sensitivity of < 1 ng/ml.


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Rat IGFBP-4 antiserum (Rabbit) specifications

Rat IGFBP-4 antiserum (Rabbit) SDS

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